Hello, World!

I'm Michael Daugherty—Founder & CTO at Quill Meetings

I love building products, serving users of those products, and creating the future. Currently I'm working on Quill Meetings, a personal AI tool with the philosophy "Messy Meetings, Crisp Documents".

Previously, my work has been in scaling alternative markets full-time at AngelList, SFR3, and advising at companies like Pariti and Republic.

I'm an optimist and a believer in the power of technology and entrepreneurship to move the world forward.

The frontiers of software are the most exciting to me because of software's ability to unlock new capabilities for humanity. The greatest software makes us more human as it expands the possibilities of what we can accomplish. As Steve Jobs said, we are building bicycles for the mind.

If you are a founder working on an AI startup or a platform/marketplace for investing or operations, feel free to reach out. I enjoy working closely with founders when there's a good match and I am clearly able to make a strong contribution. Companies I've advised or invested in include On Deck, Facilitron, Origami, Republic, Pariti, enrich, and more.

Latest Blog Post: Apple's Personal Cloud Compute

m [at] mpdaugherty.com