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Prompt Wizard ChatGPT Plugin

Prompt Wizard

Prompt Wizard is a plugin for ChatGPT so users can become expert Prompt Engineers instantly by finding, favoriting, and creating great prompts.

I built this at the first ChatGPT Plugin hackathon in April, 2023. My goal was to experiment with the ideas of (a) saving state between ChatGPT sessions and (b) multi-user social functionality.

Full blog post» - Collaborate & Create with an AI Assistant

This was a public experiment with creating an application that could be controlled both by an AI assistant as well as by a human user, with the goal of creating a live pair programming experience as compared to the “autocomplete” experience given by Github Copilot.

Full blog post»

Weekend Coding Jam - a rap by FlowMaster

Giving GPT-3 an Engineering Screen

GPT-3’s code in response to a standard screening interview

In September, 2022 I conducted a test of GPT-3 by running it interactively through a standard screening interview that I’ve used for years for engineers. Coding the fibonacci sequence, analyzing runtime, describing how to test, and preparing it for raw user input.

It passed with flying colors and you can see the output above. I even stretched beyond where I normally go by asking it to code a full website, add a design, and implement the CSS.

This was one of the days when I knew I had seen the future.

I also gave it terminal access to my computer one line at a time and iteratively fed the outputs back to it. It was able to take a generic task like “find the name and email address of the owner of this computer” and successfully complete it.

Open Source

Svelte Paginator - Unopinionated Pagination Component

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Abstract Live - Interactive NFTs that react to the viewer

Experience for Yourself

Polygon Packs - Group Gifting / Red Envelopes in Solidity

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